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Legislative Accomplishments

Rocky Mount City Council 2003 - 2007

The legislative accomplishments of Angela Bryant while serving on the Rocky Mount City Council from 2003 until 2007 are well documented.

  • Helped to support, organize and develop community organizations in every neighborhood;
  • Increased representation from Ward 4 on all Boards and Commissions;
  • Increased funding for sidewalks and infrastructure improvements, e.g. South Rocky Mount
    Rep. Angela Bryant and Ricky Parks

    Representative Angela Bryant with Sgt. Ricky Parks, RMPD Recruiting Officer

    Community Center and walking trail, wheel chair access at Buck Leonard Park and refurbishment at Bea Holman Park;
  • Increased emphasis on policing, crime reduction and gang prevention in our neighborhoods;
  • Supported our first Housing Task Force and funding to implement efforts to increase affordable housing in our neighborhoods;
  • Vocal advocate for maintaining and improving our neighborhood shopping areas – Raleigh Road and Thomas St.;
  • Supported funding for demolition and redevelopment of the Tip Top Bakery Property as neighborhood shopping center on Church St.;
  • Supported funding for the Imperial Center, Sports Complex, Stith-Talbert Park and the Senior Center;
  • Support the demolition and/or redevelopment of abandoned industrial sites in our neighborhoods, e.g. Maola Milk Co. and Planters Oil Mill;
  • Increased diversity on all boards and commissions;
  • Supported over $1 million in incentives to businesses and industries locating in Rocky Mount – Ford's Colony, Cheesecake Factory, West Corp.;
  • Increased efforts to attract private investment downtown and to inner city communities;
  • Support historic renovation and redevelopment of the BTW property;
  • Support Crossings at 64 Shopping Center development;
  • Chaired council committee to address utility and diversity and human resource issues;
  • Supported increased funding for salary ranges;
  • Increased the emphasis on excellent customer service by all city staff and especially involving utilities; supported creation of a case manager position for utilities in the Human Relations Department along with moving the WARM program from the finance/collections department to create more of a helping and support climate;
  • Increased emphasis on diversity and fairness for all city staff at all levels;
  • Proactively address citizen concerns related to city services involving zoning, special use permits, housing code enforcement, utility issues, trash pick-up, traffic issues, street lighting, public safety, noise issues, debris removal and animal control issues;
  • Represent city on NC Eastern Municipal Power Agency;
  • Provided extensive community education and information on all utility issues;
  • Provided support and advocacy for individual utility issues;
  • Supported Downtown Development and loan pool and grants;
  • Supported Douglas Block Redevelopment 

Rep. Bryant House Majority Leader Hollimon and Mayor Pro-Tem Wiggins

Representative Angela Bryant with House, Majority Leader Hugh Hollimon, and Mayor Pro-Tem Lamont Wiggins of Rocky Mount.

Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Angela R. Bryant