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Legislative Accomplishments

NC General Assembly Accomplishments


  • Rep. Angela Bryant and Senator Ed Jones
    Rep. Angela Bryant with Sen. Ed Jones

    Vice-Chair – Insurance and Board of Governors Nominating Committee;
  • Democratic Business Caucus;
  • Member, Appropriations – Natural and Economic Resources Subcommittee;
  • Education – Universities Subcommittee;
  • Election Law and Campaign Reform;
  • Utilities, Joint Oversight Committee on Utilities;
  • Joint Select Committee on Automobile Insurance Modernization; and
  • Joint Commission on Dropout Prevention & Improving the Graduation Rate. 

Protecting Our Homes and Families

a. Primary Sponsor of legislation to provide guidelines for the shackling of juveniles in the courtroom.
b. Sponsored a provision to study ways to give life insurance beneficiaries timely information of their status and proceeds when proceeds needed for burial of loved one.
c. increase penalties for violating domestic violence protective orders, cracked down on alcohol crimes, increased penalties for killing a police or assistance animal and increased funding for Housing Trust Fund and Disabled and Elderly Housing.
d. Supported clean water trust fund, alternatives to hog waste lagoons and emergency drinking water fund for contaminated wells along with standards for environmental protection and siting of landfills in our communities.
e. Funding for gang intervention and prevention, drop-out reform, funding for At-Risk Students/Funding for Gang Prevention and Intervention; Funding for Boys and Girls Clubs, OIC, Communities in Schools, Minority Male Mentoring in Community Colleges.

Investing in Our Community

a. Grass Roots Science Museum funding – Rocky Mount Science Museum and Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center in Scotland Neck.
b. Co-sponsored Medicaid Relief for Counties & increased pay for teachers & state employees and funded prior step increase for teacher's assistants.
c. Supported funding for Rural and Minority Economic Development—Land Loss Prevention, Farmland Preservation and Assistance for Rural Families, Minority Credit Union and Community and Economic Development Funds for Distressed Communities and Underutilized Businesses, Increased Broadband Access.

Putting People First

a. Supported $230 million in new or expanded tax relief for low wage earners, elders and totally disabled property owners, small businesses, emerging industries, those planning for retirement and farmers.
b. Co-Sponsor of legislation for same day registration and early voting and public financing of certain council of state races.
c. Supported disclosure of legal expense fund donors for elected officials and donation limits.
d. Funding to eliminate health disparities, for HIV screening and treatment, pediatric diabetes and increased breast and cervical cancer screening and notification to parents via schools of cervical cancer prevention and immunization information.
e. Champion for consumer issues in insurance and utilities along with business issues involving municipal utilities and electric co-ops.  


Representative Bryant and Achievement Award Winner Alex McLauglin

Left to Right: Speaker Joe Hackney, Student Alex McLauglin, Rep. Angela Bryant, Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue

Speaker Joe Hackney, Englewood Student Alex McLauglin, Rep. Angela Bryant and Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue celebrating "Recognition Award" that Alex received from the Representative for his recent honor roll achievement. Alex is the son of Sherry and William McLauglin, known in the area for their roles with "The Winston Band". Representative Bryant provided recognition certificates during various grading periods this school year to honor role students in all the schools in Legislative District 7. This award and achievement was particularly special to Alex and his family because Alex is an exceptional special needs student. Photo by George McCann - 1/13/08.
















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