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Representative Angela Bryant To File for New District 7

Three term legislator, Rep. Angela R. Bryant, Dem., will file on Monday for re-election to represent the new District 7 that now includes 23 precincts throughout Nash County and 10 precincts in Northern Franklin County.   The Redistricting Lawsuit filed by the Democratic Legislators and citizens along with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, NAACP and others was not successful in getting the court to postpone the filing date and primary date for the upcoming legislative elections.  Based on that decision, Representative Bryant will have to file in the new Republican-created District 7, which pair Halifax County, previously represented by Bryant, with Northampton County in a new House District 27. 

Bryant pledges to apply her committed work ethic
to the new areas of the district.

Angela Bryant files to run in new District 7Representative Bryant will be representing Halifax County until Jan. 2013, the end of this term, while at the same time, making new relationships in the new assigned areas of Franklin and Nash Counties to hopefully be successful in being re-elected by them for the 2013 session.

The new district weaves around Nash County and includes most of Rocky Mount, all of Whitakers and Battleboro and parts of Nashville, Spring Hope, Dortches and Castalia and points in between.  In Franklin County, the new district surrounds Centerville on the east and the north and includes all of Louisburg and Franklinton and northern Franklin County.  The new district includes 10 precincts in Franklin County – three whole: 01-Louisburg - Police Center; 02-West Louisburg- Elementary School and 12- Hayesville – Epsom Fire Department and seven partial precincts: 03-West Franklinton- High School; 08-Cypress Creek-Seven Paths Community Center; 09-Cedar Rock – Justice Fire Department; 10-Gold Mine – Centerville Fire Department; 11- Sandy Creek – Gold Sand Fire Department; 15- East Franklinton – Elementary School; 16-East Louisburg- Terrell Lane Middle School. The district includes 7 whole precincts in Nash – North Whitakers1 & 2 (Town Hall and Fire Dept.) and Rocky Mount 1, 2 & 3 (Library, City Hall, Armory), 6 (Arlington Baptist Church), 10 (Northside Church) and 11 (Dunn Center) and 16 partial precincts (South Whitakers, Castalia, Coopers, Griffins, Jacksons, Mannings 1&2, Nashville, Oak Level, Rocky Mount 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and Stony Creek.

 “I will continue to stand up for keeping jobs and growing jobs at a living wage and for  a #1 business climate, community and economic development, the green economy, education, youth services and care for our elders and the disabled.  I will vote to protect our classrooms, maintain our justice and public safety systems and fight to keep our communities moving ahead.”

Bryant, in her third term, has been recognized statewide and regionally for her legislative work for the last three years:  2009- Green Tie Rising Star Award– NC League of Conservation Voters; 2009-NC Sustainable Energy Association - Green Award Legislator of the Year; 2010 – Friend of the Counties Award.
Representative Bryant completes the filing application to run in new District 7

After filing at noon on Feb. 13th, Bryant hosted a dutch lunch at Langley’s Town and Country Restaurant in downtown Nashville with other candidates at 12:30 and a “Meet and Greet” Event  at the Franklin County Democratic Party Headquarters across from the courthouse at 108 E. Nash St in Louisburg at 5:30 pm prior to the monthly Democratic Women’s meeting.

The public was welcomed to attend the filing at the Nash County Board of Elections in Nashville and all related events. 

Bryant can be contacted at and

2011 Bryant Accomplishments

  • Updated E911 funding: tied funding formula to actual costs; expanded items covered by funding; created statewide minimum standards for 911 service; reduced costs per telephone customer; authorized use of unused funds for public safety needs, e.g. radios and towers;
  • Helped to keep North Carolina’s coveted AAA rating, the highest possible rating, from all three bond rating agencies;
  • Supported fair regulatory and worker’s compensation reform;
  • Established specific provisions for low-income distressed communities in annexation reform (H845);
  • Ensured public notice of meetings to consider utility rate increases by Power Agencies and Cities (H45 passed House / pending in Senate);
  • Supported Certificate of Restoration for Ex-offenders (S515/H641) and expunction process for some first offenses for 16-17 years olds (S387);
  • Fought many efforts to suppress the right to vote for the majority of citizens (H351/S352);
  • Fought against efforts to violate women’s right and access to health care;
  • Helped to keep NC rated as #1 for Best Business Climate (2010 Site Selection Magazine);
  • 6 Statewide/Regional Legislative Awards for 3 years: 2009- Green Tie Rising Star Award– NC League of Conservation Voters; 2009-NC Sustainable Energy Assoc.- Green Award Legislator of the Year; 2010 – Friend of the Counties Award – NC Assoc. of County Commissioners and  the “Frederick Douglas Leadership Award” from the NC Association of Black County Officials; 2011- Defender of Justice Award – NC Justice Center and in 2012- the Southeast Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisers Legislator of the Year Award for promoting the development of public, educational and government access channels in local communities.

New District 7 Precincts

"CD-1" designates First Congressional District

"Entire Precinct" indicates that all of the Precinct is in District 7
"Split Precinct" indicates that only some of the Precinct is in District 7

Frankllin  County (10 Precincts)
01-Louisburg  (CD-1)  - Police Center
(Entire Precinct)
02-West Louisburg (Entire Precinct)  (CD-1) - Elementary School
03-West Franklinton - (CD-1) - High School (Split Precinct 78%)
08-Cypress Creek-Seven Paths Community Center  (Split Precinct  10%)
09-Cedar Rock – Justice Fire Department (Split Precinct 14%)
10-Gold Mine  (CD-1) – Centerville Fire Department (Split Precinct  33%)
11- Sandy Creek (CD-1)  – Gold Sand Fire Department (Split Precinct 95%)
12- Hayesville (Entire Precinct)  – Epsom Fire Department
15- East Franklinton  (CD-1) – Elementary School (Split Precinct 91%)
16-East Louisburg (CD-1) - Terrell Lane Middle School (Split Precinct  97%)

Nash County (23 Precincts)
2-South Whitakers  (CD-1)  - Fire Department (7) – NC4  (Split Precinct)
3-Castalia  (CD-1)  – Volunteer Fire Department  (Split Precinct)
4-Coopers  (CD-1)  - Volunteer Fire Department  (Split Precinct)
7 –Griffins  (CD-1)  - Cedar Grove Elementary School  (Split Precinct)
8- Jacksons  (CD-1)  -Stanhope Fire Department  (Split Precinct)
11-Mannings1 -  (CD-1)  - Spring Hope Community Building  (Split Precinct)
12-Mannings 2 - (CD-1) - Momeyer Ruritan Building  (Split Precinct)
15-Nashville - (CD-1)  Nash County Agriculture Center  (Split Precinct)
21-North Whitakers 1 - (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Whitakers Town Hall
22-North Whitakers 2- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Salem Fire Department
25-Oak Level- (CD-1) - Nash Central High School  (Split Precinct)
31-Rocky Mount 1- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Braswell Library
32-Rocky Mount 2-  (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) -Rocky Mount City Hall
33-Rocky Mount 3- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - National Guard Armory
34-Rocky Mount 4- (CD-1) - South Rocky Mount Comm. Center  (Split Precinct)
35-Rocky Mount 5- (CD-1) - Sharpsburg Town Hall  (Split Precinct)
36-Rocky Mount 5- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Arlington Baptist Church
37-Rocky Mount 7- (CD-1) - Englewood Elementary School  (Split Precinct)
38-Rocky Mount 8- (CD-1) - Parkwood Baptist Church  (Split Precinct)
39-Rocky Mount 9- (CD-1) - Englewood Baptist Church  (Split Precinct)
40-Rocky Mount 10- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Northside Comm.  Church
41-Stony Creek-  (CD-1) - Dortches Town Hall  (Split Precinct)
42-Rocky Mount 11- (CD-1)  (Entire Precinct) - Dunn Center- Wesleyan Coll.

Representative Angela Bryant discusses new district map with supporter

Representative Angela Bryant discusses new district map with supporter.

Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Angela R. Bryant