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Bryant Receives Two Major Awards

On Friday, August 27, Rep. Bryant received two awards at the annual meeting of the NC Association of County Commissioners.  She received the “Friend of the Counties” Award from the Association at their morning general session and the “Frederick Douglas Award” from the NC Association of Black County Commissioners at their afternoon business meeting.

President Mary Accor read the following commendation:   "They say you can judge a person by his friends. If that’s the case, the Association is in good company. For the past five years, we have been recognizing a Friend of the Counties. Each year, the Executive Officers meet to discuss who should be the recipient of this prestigious award."

"The Friend of the Counties Award was created to encourage non-county persons and organizations to take significant actions that advance the interests of counties and the Association. Any person or organization that is not directly associated with North Carolina county government or the NCACC is eligible to receive the award. Previous winners have included Representative Bill Owens, a past president of the NCACC who is one of the most influential members of the House of Representatives, and Maurice Smith, the president of the Local Government Federal Credit Union."

This year’s winner is Representative Angela Bryant of Nash County.
Harry Jones, Mecklenburg County, Rep. Angela Bryant, and Hank Debnam, Cumberland County"Representative Bryant has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2007. This past year, she took the lead on an issue that counties had been pursuing for more than 10 years – expanding the use of 911 funds. Even though many people told her that it was an unsolvable problem, she refused to stop. We are all grateful for her unwillingness to take no for an answer."
"This year, after years and years of trying, the General Assembly enacted legislation to give counties more flexibility in the use of 911 funds.  The issue was considered complicated and controversial due to the multiple groups involved in the discussion.
In an election year, most legislators would have stayed away from such an issue, but Representative Bryant took this head-on. She balanced the concerns of the various parties and helped craft solutions to many of the substantive subject matter details.
And she did all of this in a short session that was truly short. In the end, her results helped free up more than $50 million that counties can use to address immediate public safety needs."

"This was a welcome surprise given the tough budgets we are all facing. In addition, counties now have more representation on the State 911 Board, and we have more flexibility in how we can use the 911 funds. Her efforts showed that Representative Bryant is truly a Friend of the Counties."

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